Pauls Studio

Studio Membership

Join the Studio Membership Scheme and take advantage of regular reduced rates speacial offers plus lots of other benefits including free shoot.


  • Reduced Model Studio Day rates.
  • Special late rates.
  • Low Studio Hire rates.
  • Free 2 hour shoot included.
  • Members Events.
  • Priority booking.
  • Dedicated Members News Letters.
  • Booking and messaging Mobile App. (Awaiting approval)


   Just 12 per month.

  Terms & Conditions

  • Model Studio Day 120 Rate.*
  • Free 2 hour shoot after 10 months/payments.
  • Studio Hire 40 for 2 hours
  • Online regular payment only.
  • Membership suspended after non-payment.
  • Rates applies to normal Studio day and 2-hour bookings.

  • Subscription can be cancelled, refunds will not apply.


Online Pay Pal subscription for 12 per month for 12 months.


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