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Studio Group  News

Welcome to the Studio Group News.

Please find the latest information about the Studio Group shoots, if you need any further information or have any suggestions mail me or call me on 0793 462906.


Lets see how this develops and how well it is supported.


Studio Group Shoots.

Initially we will start with just one group shoot a month and increase the number of shoots if there is the demand.

Further information and other rates for registered Studio Group Members is available here



  • Dates and model will be planned and arranged in advance.

  • Shoot level and style including studio sets and backgrounds to agreed.

  • All slots need to be booked or shoot may be cancelled.

  • Credits will not be given for cancelations.

  • Shoot Management will be down to participating photographers



Booking and Payment.

  • Send Mail to confirm availability.

  • Availability confirmed.

  • Make Payment.

  • Payment Confirmed.

  • Shoot Confirmed.  

Group membership.

Membership of the group and notification of planned group shoots is via the registration process and this newsletter, its currently limited to existing Berkshire Studio Group (only 6 have registered an interest,) and prospective members of the BSG. additional members may be invited to join the Studio- Group at Paul's Studio invitation only.


Studio Group Information.

Further information and other rates for registered Studio Group Members is available here



Your Feedback and Suggestions.

Your feedback and suggests are very welcome and important, so don't hesitate to let me have your suggestions, views and feedback on any aspects of the Studio Group including plans, models, dates and booking.


Getting Started.

If you've not done a studio photo shoot or with a model, I can make easy for you all the models are easy to shoot and I will help you get started or just book a Basic Starter course or just give me a call.


If you need any more information or want to arrange your own shoot just call or mail me.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Studio Group  Planned Events.

Holly Gibbons- Thursday 26th July.  

Holly has lots of experience and been published in lots of magazines and on line, also for Playboy and Page 3.and she will be working  up to implied nude.

Holly is  a fit active model who likes to keep busy including TV work for Bluebird and fitness training too.


See Holly Gibbons Purestorm Profile.

Mail - Holly Gibbons Studio Group Booking Interest.


Cost 35 per member  - 4 members.

Start time 19:15 for 19:30 - 21:30.

Copyright of the images remains with the holder.

Pauls Studio Information.
Studio Newsletter

You will also receive the main studio Newsletter so your kept up to date with all planned shoots and information also don't for get to take a look at the main studio events and take advantage of the special rates

Sharing Shoots  -  Share the Time and Share the Cost.

If you would like to share a  shoot and cost with another photographer just mail me and I will let you if any other photographers are also interested.


Extensive Range of Studio Courses.

A  range of courses are available and has been developed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and offer more creative courses. Full details are available on the studio web site.

The following links contain adult material and images if you find this offensive or are under 18 please do not click the links below.

Compliance with Non Spamming Rules.

You will notice that recently there are no nude images included in the  Newsletter this is to ensure its compliment with current rules. I hope it does not make the news letter less informative as the images selected still try to show the models look, skill and ability.

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