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Pauls Studio
Studio Group  Shoot News February 2014

Welcome to the Studio Group Shoot  News.


Please find the latest planned Studio Group Shoots, currently group shoots are being arranged when a suitable model is available for an evening Group Shoot or on Model Studio Days when availability allows.


Currently the invitation to join the Studio Group is being extended to local photographers and you are welcome to invite your friends to join too and Berkshire Studio Group Photographers also receive this Newsletter.


Link to join and special rates www.pauls-studio.co.uk/studio-group.htm


If you would like to arrange a Studio Group shoot on a planned Model Studio Day just mail me and this will trigger a mail to see if other Studio Group Members are interested.


So that I can plan shoots to suit you it would help if you let me know the following information.

  • Evenings

  • Weekdays

  • Weekends

  • Saturday

  • Sunday

Please also let me know the style of shoot you would prefer.( this will not be fixed.)

  • Portrait - Beauty

  • Glamour

  • Art Nude

  • Fetish

  • Erotic

  • Adult.

Just mail me Click here Studio Group Shoot - My Preferences


Berkshire Studio Group.


The Berkshire Studio Group has now been combined with Paul's Studio and will now be called the Paul's Studio Group, the Venue relocated to Paul's Studio and will be more frequent and for smaller groups allowing more time to shoot and allowing you more choice i.e. Glamour, Art Nude, Beauty, Fashion and other genres and styles.


You will also get added benefits such as discounts for studio hire and reduced rates for models studio days, courses, One to One tuition and other events.


Further information and other rates for registered Studio Group Members is available here www.pauls-studio.co.uk/studio-group.htm


Booking and Payment.

  • Send Mail to let me know your interested and to check availability.

  • Availability will be confirmed.

  • Make your payment & confirm your booking.

  • Group are currently 3 at a cost of 40

  • Payment should be by bank transfer.

  • Your payment & booking will be confirmed.

  • Shoot & time confirmed.  

Now Just Call to Pay & Book by Credit or Debit Card.

Even more ways to pay - just call and you can pay by debit or credit card, your payment will be confirmed automatically by mail.


So many ways to pay - your choice.

  • Bank Transfer - simple, fast and quick direct from your bank.

  • Pay Pay - Secure easy just sent your payment to pay@pauls-studio.uk

  • Pay Pal Invoice - Click on the email we send to make payment.

  • Cheque - Just post it takes a few days.

  • Cash - Simple but needs to before the shoot.


Studio Group Information.

Further information and other rates for registered Studio Group Members is available here



Your Feedback and Suggestions.

Your feedback and suggests are very welcome and important, so don't hesitate to let me have your suggestions, views and feedback on any aspects of the Studio Group including plans, models, dates and booking.


Getting Started.

If you've not done a studio photo shoot or with a model, I can make easy for you as all the models are easy to shoot and I will help you get started or just book a Basic Starter course or just give me a call.


If you need any more information or want to arrange your own shoot just call or mail me.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Studio Group  Planned Events.
Melissa - Sunday 23rd February.
Melissa works from Fashion to Art Nude including Glamour but its Art Nude were she excels as Melissa is tall flexible and is very creative  she is an experienced model and you can fail to get some superb images.

Melissa is local to the studio and I expect her to be popular.

Mail - Melissa booking interest.

See Mellissa's Purestorm Profile.


40 each   -  3  Members.

Start time 16:00 for 16:30 - 18:30. (2 hours)


Studio group shoot is dependant on take up with a minimum of 3.


2 Places Available.


Copyright of the images remains with the holder.

Joceline  - Sunday 9th March.

Joceline Brooke Hamilton  is a creative fashion and Art Nude model with a dancing and acting background.


Joceline has worked internationally with many well known photographers in the UK and abroad.


Joceline is an accomplished versatile Professional versatile Art Nude model and is also available very creative and easy to work with, this will be your last chance to book Joceline locally be before she moves away.


Mail - Joceline booking Interest.

See Joceline's Purestorm Profile.


40 each   -  3  Members.

Start time 11:45 for 12:15 - 14:15. (2 hours)


Studio group shoot is dependant on take up with a minimum of 3.




Copyright of the images remains with the holder.

Milly Jean - Date to be announced soon.

Milly Jean is a naturally talented model and dancer plus  has glamour, art nude and beauty experience working some excellent photographers.


Milly is confident and easy to work with and enjoys modelling an working with photographers at all levels, just see Milly's portfolio on Purpleport.


Milly Jean  works from Glamour to Nude and I recently worked with her at the studio and was very impressed so I have booked Milly for a studio day and location events too, Milly is local to the studio so contact me to book her weekday and for short notice bookings too.


Mail - Milly Jean - Booking Interest.

See Milly Jean on Purpleport.


40 each   -  3  Members.

Start time 16:00 for 16:30 - 18:30. (2 hours)


Studio group shoot is dependant on take up with a minimum of 3.




Copyright of the images remains with the holder.

Information and News.


Studio News - Latest Model Studio Days and Location Events.

Why not sign up for the main studio News Letter so your kept up to date with all planned shoots and information also don't forget to take a look at the main studio events and take advantage of the special rates. Main Studio News Letter.


New Photographer Introductory Rate - 100 for 2 hours.

If you have not yet booked  for one of our popular studio model days you can book your first hours shoot for just 100 for 2 hours this is a one to one shoot and can be arrange at time to suit you.

As this is an introductory offer its available for your first 2 bookings and subject to availability and on normal studio models days.


Extensive Range of Studio Courses.

A range of courses are available and has been developed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and offer more creative courses. Full details are available on the studio web site.

The following links contain adult material and images if you find this offensive or are under 18 please do not click the links below.

Compliance with Non Spamming Rules. (Can Spam)

You will notice that recently there are no nude images included in the  Newsletter this is to ensure its compliment with current Can Spam rules. I hope it does not make the news letter less informative as the images selected still try to show the models look, skill and ability.

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