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Studio Survey 2015.



I was sat here on the coldest day yet of January reviewing the past year and putting together my plans for the rest of this one.

2014 was never going to be the easiest of years for any of us as financial restraints continued to affect us all. I was therefore quite pleased when I reflected on what modest yet important improvements I have made to the service I offer you. As you will know I am completely driven by you and it is being able to continually offer you an even better experience, at the studio and at events, that provides me with the real satisfaction and makes it all worthwhile.

So what did I improve in 2014?

  • Introduced informative flyers to promote studio days and events more clearly.

  • Refined both the photographers and model guides for the Wales event to remove any ambiguity.

  • Offered without a doubt the best model line ups at events including booking overseas models to ensure variety.

  • Introduced ** new models to studio days this year.

  • Introduced ‘Select & Exclusive’ events as a result of customer requests • Introduced new reduced cost ‘entry levels’ to some events.

  • Undertook comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Introduced the option of ‘pay as you go’ extra models at the Wales event. • Introduced FREE workshops in Wales. ...

  • Introduced a ‘Paul’s Studio’ interest group to PurplePort

  • Upgraded the Paul’s Studio presence on Facebook

  • Increased my use of Twitter to keep you all better informed.

  • Continued to add more high quality equipment and props to the studio

  • Redecorated the studio and refurbished some props.

I like to think that kept me quite busy but was appreciated by you all too. I’m currently collating and analysing the feedback from the surveys so I can determine what else you want me to do, so if you haven’t yet completed one, please do so. Your opinion really is important to me.

Here’s to another hardworking, creative and rewarding year for all of us.

Please help me by taking just 10 minutes to provide your feedback by completing the survey below that's relevant to you.


Its quick, simple and easy as it only contains 10 questions.


As a thank, you  and you can enter our draw to win £20 of National Lottery Scratch cards - who knows, you could end up with a nice reward for 10 minutes of your time!

This is of course entirely optional as your responses are totally confidential.


Studio User - Survey.

If you  are currently using the studio for studio hire studio, model studio days, location events including Manor House Events and Wales Weekend, or have used the studio or booked a course please click the link below.




Studio News Subscriber Survey.

As you are a Studio News Subscriber and not used any Studio Services or Location Events please click the link below.




Your Studio Your Views Your Suggestions.

You can always call or mail me if you need any help or advice booking a shoot or selecting a model or just discussing ideas, props, sets and lighting for your shoot.


Tell me what I can do to improve, change or add to the facilities and services, your suggestions and ideas as well as completing the survey would be most helpful.


I run the studio for you and genuinely want to help you achieve your aims and objectives.


Look forward to seeing you all soon.



Compliance with Non Spamming Rules.

You will notice that recently there are no nude images included in the  Newsletter this is to ensure its compliment with current rules. I hope it does not make the news letter less informative as the images selected still try to show the models look, skill and ability.


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