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Paulís Studio Survey 2015 Ė Feedback

First of all thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the recent survey, the response was much better than I had expected. Your support is very much appreciated also the comments are very encouraging and helpful. I do not intend to give you a detailed analysis, just an overview with my comments, some general trends and the positive action plan resulting from both surveys.

Survey for Newsletter Subscribers.

Comments about the Newsletter were very good regarding content, models, information, events and location shoots.

A small number of comments expressed a lack of suitable events for them to attend. I will be looking to understand this and address this in the months ahead.

Some other comments with my proposed course of action are:

Lack of Confidence to book.

  • I already offer Taster shoots with small groups aimed at beginners with fun and more social element. I think I might need to promote these more.

Model Level Confusion.

  • I will explain levels with alternative names and suggestions for working with model to avoid problems any confusion.

Request for Evening Events and studio groups

  • I will re-launch studio groups with small groups and evening shoots.

Provide a Beginnerís day.

  • I will look at introducing a Beginnersí days for small groups perhaps combined with taster shoots.


Survey for Studio Users for Events, Courses and Hire.

Most photographers Studio users were positive about my service and pricing and here are some specific comments made on the following areas

More Location Events.

  • I will Increase locations Events at lower cost price dependant on finding suitable locations within reasonable distance.

Lack of Sets & Props.

  • I will Increase awareness of props and sets already available also plan more themed studio days. also I will make advice and help more readily available with suggestions and web site images available too with more regular set examples in the studio news.

Small Studio Size.

The studio is compact but more than suitable for most shoots. I need to improve awareness of techniques and methods to help with this. I will also draw users attention to some of the wide range of images shot in the studio.

Models - Fashion alternative adult and other styles.

Suggestions for models is always welcome, just let me know if you would like me to book a specific model or style and I will book them for you.

Lighting Assistance.

Assistance with lighting is available at any time from setting up to more complex creative objectives and is free.

I hope you found this short summary useful and I am more than happy to discuss any aspect of it in more detail so just give me a call.


April 2015




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