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New Studio Softboxes .

Walimex Pro Orange Line Soft Boxes



I'm pleased to announce that all the studio soft boxes have been replaced with new additional softboxes added.


The Walimex Pro Orange Line soft boxes are all high quality and come complete with optional easily fitted masks and grids and masks either round or square and the strip boxes come with width reducing masks.


All the new softboxes are from the new Walimex Pro Orange line range 


  • ideal for product and people photography
  • grid with 3cm depth for exact light direction
  • round and square masks for changing the shape of the softbox
  • easy setup
  • softbox can be rotated by 360 degrees
  • excellent workmanship
  • high-quality, heat-resistant material

Soft and even lighting.

The softbox Pro Orange Line series by Walimex pro ensures a soft and even lighting. Due to its shape it is particularly well-suited for product and people photography. A back diffuser can be used if desired in order to make the light appear even softer. The front diffuser is attached to the softbox via Velcro, which ensures clean light edges. The softbox can be set up easily and can be rotated by 360 degrees.

With grid and masks

For precisely directing the light, a grid/webbing with a depth of 3cm can be fastened to the Velcro running around the edges of the softbox. Also included are a round and a square mask which allow you to change the shape and size of the softbox. (width reducing masks with strip boxes  The round mask is particularly well-suited for creating a round reflection in the modelís eyes in people photography.

Use of high-quality materials.

When producing the softbox, much importance was attached to the use of high-quality and heat-resistant materials. The workmanship is excellent, ensuring a high quality and long lifetime.


 80cm x 120cm  (2 off) 40cm x 180cm  (2 off)
150cm (1 off) 40cm x 40cm (1 off)  


Always striving to improve the facilities, services and equipment to improve your creative needs and increase your ability to create better images.


I run the studio for you and genuinely want to help you achieve your aims and objectives.


Look forward to seeing you all soon.




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